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The "Why" Behind FEENIX Apparel

Thanks for visiting our site, we are so grateful for your interest in our brand!

2020 was a rough year for all of us, heartache, isolation, fear, name it we experienced it.  Personally for us the year 2020 brought a low point in our relationship where we were faced with a choice; walk away or fight through and renew our marriage.

Walking away never felt like an option, so we went to work, and we found that we had untapped strength and potential to overcome even the most challenging moments.  We were blessed to be reminded of our potential when we were facing adversity, and we felt inspired to create a movement that would provide that same reminder to others.

The idea of creating mirrored apparel came to Brooke one day when she looked in the mirror and the woman looking back didn't seem to think she was enough.  Inspiration struck her, and the idea for our unique apparel was born.

As we overcome challenges, face trials, and emerge victorious from the ashes we rise, like the mythological Phoenix rises from the ashes.

Our hope is that when you wear our apparel and you see your reflection, that you will know that message is for you, and is a reminder of how amazing you are.

You are STRONG.  You are FIERCE.  You are a SURVIVOR.  You are a FEENIX!

FEENIX Apparel Origin Story